6+ Funny & Moral Bedtime Stories For Kids & Children

Bedtime Stories For Kids - bedtime stories for children which are meant to be read in Bedtime. Read it, learn and share it with your friends.

Are you looking for Bedtime Stories for Kids Stories, then you are reading the right kids story post, here we have shared bedtime stories for children which are meant to be read in Bedtime. We hope you like these stories. Read it, learn and share it with your friends.

Bedtime Stories For Kids
Bedtime Stories For Kids 

Bedtime Stories For Kids 

1. A Stupid Miser

There lived a Seth in a city. He had a lot of money. He was so miserly that he always used to eat sattu without salt. He didn’t know what a delicious food tastes like.

But one day I don’t know what happened, he told his wife, today my mind is trying to eat kheer.

The wife was surprised but she immediately prepared the kheer by making it. His mind was also wanting to eat.

But that foolish miser was afraid that no one would come, so he hid inside the house and sat down.

By chance, then his friend came to meet him. asked his wife where is your husband.

The wife went inside and said to her husband, your friend has come to meet you.

The miser was horrified to hear this. He told his wife, I am late. You hold my feet and start crying loudly. Hearing your cry, he will come inside and then ask you something. You say that my husband is dead. Hearing this, he will leave. After that we both will eat kheer together.

The wife did the same. She grabbed her husband’s feet and started crying loudly. The friend came in and asked, what is the matter? why are you crying ?

She said crying while crying, she had asked me to make kheer a while back. But as soon as I made kheer, they died.

That friend knew everything. Understood. It’s all an excuse. He was afraid that I might not eat kheer.

Thinking of this, that friend also started moaning by saying hi friend, hi friend. Hearing his voice, more people from the nearby neighborhood came there. Hearing the news of Seth ji’s death, everyone started making arrangements to take him to the crematorium.

At that time his wife took her mouth to his ear crying and said that now you get up or else these people will take you to the crematorium and burn you.

The miserly Seth replied in the same way that I will not get up until this friend of mine leaves from here. It wants to eat my kheer. I won’t let him do that.

He lay like that. Neighbors and relatives prepared the meaning and took it to the crematorium. Placed on the pyre but the miserly Seth still did not get up. Even when the fire was burning him, he did not take a word out of his mouth. In the end he was burnt to ashes.

Thus that ideal miser sacrificed his life for the sake of a little pudding. After his death, his wealth was greatly enjoyed by others.

Friends, I really liked this funny story.

Short Bedtime Stories For Kids

2. The Tale of the Three Fishes 

It was a very beautiful bun. There was such a beautiful pond in it. Three fish lived in that pond. All three had different temperaments. If there was any problem in front of the first, she would try to solve it immediately, she did not look for anyone.

The other fish was also smart but she did not believe in doing anything immediately. She thought that whatever happens in time, it will be done. Why bother now!

The third fish didn’t think of anything. She believed that whatever God approves, that will happen.

One day he saw some fishermen going. They were talking among themselves that there are very good fish in this pond. They should be caught.

On hearing this the first fish went to the second pond with the flowing stream of water.

The other fish also listened to the fishermen and thought first let them come and then I will do as it is right.

Heard the third fish also but he did not worry. Whatever has to happen, it will happen! Who can stop him?

Be that as it may, those fishermen came with the net on the very next day. On seeing the net the other fish lay as if it died. Seeing him, the fishermen thought it was really dead and picked it up and threw it aside. Just seeing the opportunity, she jumped into the flowing water stream and reached another pond. The third fish neither thought nor did anything. She got caught in the net and died in agony.

Moral Stories For Kids 

3. Greedy Heron

There was a pond. Many fish lived in it. There also lived a heron. Those fish were very afraid of that heron and lived far away from him.

The heron thought that this is a very bad thing, these fish should be caught in the net somehow. While thinking, he came up with an idea. He reached to the fish and said to them, I have heard a very bad news. A fisherman is coming here with a net. I have seen him. He will kill all of you by trapping him, and will eat you.

The fish did not believe in that heron, but they were very afraid of the fisherman. He asked the heron, what should we do now?

Heron said in a very serious voice, if you have faith in me, then I know a way. There is a pond at some distance in the nearby dense bun. His water is like nectar. The fishermen do not know anything about that pond. If you want, I will take you all there one by one.

The fish were very scared. That’s why his intellect was not working. He said that we have full faith in you. Please take us to that pond.

Hearing this, the heron became very happy in his heart and he would take one by one the fish one by one to the pond of that lie and kill it and eat it.

A crocodile also lived in that pond. To know where the heron takes these fish, he asked, where do you take these fish?

The heron narrated the same story to the crocodile as told to the fish. But he was powerful but he was also afraid of the fishermen’s net. He said to the heron, you also bring me to that pond.

The heron was very happy and the next day he took the crocodile with him and reached the same place where he used to kill and eat fish.

But seeing that place, everything became clear. This heron is very stupid. The fish are brought here and eaten. He will kill me in the same way.

But he was not as timid as the crocodile. He started thinking, Oh I am but. I will be scared of that heron. No. No.

Thinking this, the crocodile grabbed the heron’s throat and killed him. After returning, he told the whole story to the remaining fish. He was very sad to hear about the wickedness of the heron but his life was saved. This made him very happy too.

Short Stories For Kids – 

4. the story of the musician

was a musician. A man came to him with a desire to master music and said to him, You are a great master of music and I have a keen interest in acquiring the art of music.

So I request you to kindly give me music education. Sangeetacharya replied, When you have such an excellent desire, to learn music from me, I will teach you in my house. The man asked the Acharya what service he would have to do in return for this work. Acharya said that nothing special, only one hundred gold coins have to be given.

There are a hundred gold coins, so much and I have a little knowledge of music, but it is okay, I will present hundred gold coins in your service. The man said that on this the Acharya replied if you already have a little knowledge of music, then you will have to give two hundred gold coins. The student asked in surprise, Acharya, this is not in accordance with the calculations.

It is beyond my comprehension. Less work cost more? Acharya replied, where is the work less? First you have to erase what you have learned, then you have to forget it, then you have to start learning anew. Because it is impossible to put anything else in the already filled container. Curious understood everything.

Bedtime Stories 

5. Bid Wound 

A lion lived in a forest. He was happy with himself. Doesn’t bother anyone unnecessarily. There was a town some distance away from the forest. There lived a woodcutter in that town.

No one dared to go into the forest because of the fear of the lion. One day the woodcutter took courage and reached the forest to cut wood. The sound of Laksi biting fell in the ears of the lion. He was alert.

She was also afraid of the man. He reached the woodcutter. Seeing the lion in front, the woodcutter started trembling. Death was visible in front of him. The lion warned and said, “If you love your life, then do not appear in this forest again.

The woodcutter begged and said, I am a poor man in Vanraj. There is no other business! Children will starve to death. Saying this the woodcutter burst into tears. The lion felt pity for the condition of the woodcutter. He said okay don’t touch the green trees. Cut only happy wood and don’t say anything to anyone else.

Alright sir! Now the woodcutter would come every day and tie a bundle and take it to the town. The woodworking business went well. The woodcutter was living.

The people of the town wondered how the woodcutter cut the wood from the forest where the lion lives. Many people would ask him. But he would avoid. Some say the woodcutter is really brave! Some would say that such a courageous man will not be found anywhere near.

Hearing this, the woodcutter did not swell. He was now proud of himself. One day a customer asked him while buying wood, you are very brave, how do you get the wood cut from the forest in which the lion lives. The woodcutter had been listening to his praise for several days. He said with great pride that he too is a lion, a jackal is a jackal! afraid of me

It is said that even walls have ears. The woodcutter may have forgotten this proverb. Somehow this thing reached the ears of the lion. The lion roared in anger. The creatures of the forest started running away in fear. The birds of the tree flew away. Everyone wondered whose power has come today. The animals and birds of the forest started chirping.

The next day the woodcutter reached the forest in his own tune. As he fired his ax on the withered tree, he was shocked to see the lion in front. The eyes of the lion were burning with anger like embers. Nostrils were twitching. Seeing the lion in anger, the woodcutter’s upper breath remained above and the lower breath remained below.

Before he could understand anything, the lion let out a roar in anger. The woodcutter began to tremble with fear. He fell at the feet of the lion. Said, if there has been some mistake, please forgive me. The lion was also feeling pity for the condition of the woodcutter.

He said to the woodcutter, “Put a hole in the plate you say! What did you say you went to town?

There was a mistake. The woodcutter said begging for his life. Good…….! The lion said sarcastically, I am a coward, a jackal, and you are brave. The woodcutter understood that he was only a guest for a few moments.

He begged the lion, please forgive me this time. It won’t be like this anymore. Alright pick up your axe. said the lion to the woodcutter. The woodcutter raised his ax in fear.

The lion said again, hit it on my back. Now the woodcutter was even more scared. He did not have the courage to hit the lion’s back with an axe. He refused to do so. The lion explained to the woodcutter, there is nothing to be afraid of. Do as I say. Otherwise………! The lion said again in a warning tone.

Would have done anything out of desperation. According to the orders of the lion, the woodcutter fired an ax on the lion’s back in fear. The ax got stuck in the back of the lion. Blood flowed out. But the lion did not even flinch. He said to the woodcutter, meet me exactly after a week, this place and this time! The woodcutter, frightened, bid farewell with folded hands.

Exactly a week later the woodcutter frightened and reached the place decided by the lion. Vanraj was waiting for him. As soon as he came, he told the woodcutter the wound on his back. Asked, it has been a week since the wound caused by the ax. Has it been filled? The woodcutter said, Sir, it is completely filled, there is not even a mark. The lion said, “Look, the wound caused by your ax has healed, but the wound of your speech is still green.”

Bitter and bitter speech wounds are on the heart, which never heals, whereas wounds caused by weapons heal after a few days. I have forgiven you. Remember this lesson in future. Don’t ever make such mistake again. Everything is in the bid. Speech is nectar and speech is poison. Go make your living! Saying this the lion disappeared into the forest. The woodcutter understood everything.

Funny Stories For Kids

6. The Story of the Honest King

King Vikram was famous for his justice. Once he was building a palace for himself. The map of the palace was ready. But a problem was coming in the way. There was a hut near the construction site of the palace. Due to this hut, the beauty of the palace was being affected.

The king called the owner of the hut. He told the owner of the hut about his problem and proposed to him to give pearl money in exchange for the hut. But the owner of the hut was very self-respecting.

He said to the king, sorry sir, I do not accept your proposal. I love my hut more than my life. I was born in this hut, my children grew up, my whole life passed in this hut. I also want to die in this hut of mine.

The king thought that it was not right to do atrocities with this poor man. He told his minister, “No harm.” Let this hut be like that. When people see this magnificent palace, they will surely appreciate my aesthetic sense. When they see this hut near the palace, they will also praise my justice, kindness and compassion.



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Goods Quotes - Hindi Quotes | Relationship | Motivational | Good Morning | Love | Life | Authors: 6+ Funny & Moral Bedtime Stories For Kids & Children
6+ Funny & Moral Bedtime Stories For Kids & Children
Bedtime Stories For Kids - bedtime stories for children which are meant to be read in Bedtime. Read it, learn and share it with your friends.
Goods Quotes - Hindi Quotes | Relationship | Motivational | Good Morning | Love | Life | Authors
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